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Our crew on a blacktop driveway repair job. Blacktop Driveway Repair Specialists Currently we have 8+ estimators for blacktop driveway repairs covering 5 county metro areas; most of our specialists have over 10 years of service with the company. Today, Asphalt Driveway Company is owned and operated by the longest tenured employee of over 40 years, Steve Hanon. Asphalt Driveway Company […]

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Help Us Improve We are always striving to improve and your feedback is essential to helping us do just that. Please select either a thumbs up or a thumbs down to let us know what your experience was like.

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A part of maintaining your asphalt driveway is ensuring that it is clean of oil, dirt, and other residue that builds up over time. Read on for some tips on cleaning your asphalt driveway!

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So your driveway is a little chipped here, a little cracked there, and has a dip or two here and there. If you’re planning to ignore this or are planning to paper over those cracks yourself, this may well be unwise and potentially dangerous too. Over time, driveways get damaged and parts get worn away with use and general wear and tear. It could also be that some mistakes were made when the driveway was first installed and parts of it appear sunken now.

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Concrete driveways can attract more oil stains, mud, and grime because of its porous concrete material. A power washer can clean it effectively however, it can also speed up the deterioration of the concrete, can be expensive, and just plain difficult to use!

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Helpful Asphalt Driveway Resources Articles listed below are posted to help you learn about asphalt driveway care and what you need to do to keep your driveway in good shape.

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Spring is here, and you may be noticing all of the damage that winter has done to your once beautiful asphalt driveway. Many people do not realize how much damage the winter can do to your driveway, but hiring a driveway sealing company this spring can help you prevent next winter’s damage. Here are four […]

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Winter is here, and it’s no question that the conditions can take a toll on your asphalt driveway in Minneapolis or St. Paul. Frozen precipitation puts pressure on your asphalt and can create cracks among the surface, which then leads to foundation problems.

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Every year, homeowners spend thousands of dollars to improve the appearance of their homes; but one inexpensive area that many homeowners forget is their driveway.

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